What is the risk of contaminated water?

In the 21st century, the theme of a healthy lifestyle and all the regularities that are associated with it has become even more timely and desirable.

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Clean water as the most important dietary supplement

Each of us dreams of a beautiful, perfectly sculpted and nourished body, with a slender figure, good health for many years, and a great condition - we want to fulfil our dreams through self-realization and striving for spectacular results.

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improving the state of water

A project / idea aimed at improving the state of water in the world

Water creates our body - it’s an equivalent to all environmental factors, a natural protector, humidifier, and regenerator.

Water as the third pillar of health

When someone asks us a question, what is the most important for us in life, what we most want - most often we answer health, because it cannot be bought with any money, cannot be obtained through rewards and services, you cannot receive it, and you can only work on it yourself and responsibly through your own control of the body

How does the agricultural sector pollute water?

There is no doubt that people should have full right of access to clean water and this is their inalienable, basic right.

The phenomenon of dehydration – what drinking water gives you?

Do you know that only every fifth inhabitant of the Earth is aware of what the recommended amount of consumed water is daily?

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