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The Mission of the Center for Ecological Pollution Prevention [top]
To encourage pollution avoidance research, development and education by: (1) conducting and coordinating research, education and training programs; (2) developing education and training materials (3) advancing the implementation and commercialization of new approaches and tools for ecological pollution avoidance; (4) fostering interdisciplinary collaboration among engineering, regulatory agencies and the sciences; and (5) promoting multi-sector collaboration and communication among institutions, professionals and the public.

Board of Directors[top]

Board of Directors:
David Rapaport
Director of Vermont Public Interest Research Group; founder of the Center for Clean Development

Peter Rogers
Harvard University professor of environmental engineering

John Todd
Developer of Living Machines and founder of Ocean Arks International

CEPP needs more directors and technical advisors. Join us in offering high-impact programs. Board meetings are conducted via phone and internet as much as possible. Contact Carol Steinfeld at 978-318-7033.

Contact CEPP
P.O. Box 1330
Concord, MA 01742 USA
Tel.: 978/318-7033


Links [top]

CEPP's Ecological Sanitation Email Discussion List

The website of the International Ecological Engineering Society

Great downloadable publications about composting and other pollution prevention topics

The Zero Emissions Research Institute

Appreciative Inquiry, an approach to program facilitation used by CEPP

The Integrated Biological Systems site features internet conferences through which papers are presented and discussed

Oikos: Products and updates for greenbuilding, not to be confused with...

Ecos, supply low-water appliances since 1972--including white porcelain urine-diverting toilets from Sweden


Water & Wastewater A hub site for an ecological engineering firm--Sustainable Strategies, a technical advisor to CEPP--and three ecological systems companies

National Small Flows Clearinghouse: an EPA-sponsored clearinghouse for news and research about on-site wastewater systems

Ocean Arks International: Founded by the developer of Living Machines, this organization now focuses on river/lake clean-up with its River Restorer system

World of Composting Toilets: use this for resources--remember that not everything that calls itself a composting toilet is a composting toilet

Erik's Page O' Water & Wastewater Links: Links and links to wastewater information

Centre for Water Resource Studies
Good links and an interesting wastewater research online database (but you have to be in Canada to pick up the paper copies)

Water Magazine, an online magazine of wastewater news from New Zealand


Worm Digest