The phenomenon of dehydration – what drinking water gives you?

Do you know that only every fifth inhabitant of the Earth is aware of what the recommended amount of consumed water is daily? It’s very disturbing in a world that remains so developed, balanced, civilized and in which the most fashionable and most desirable are the topics related to healthy nutrition, physical activity and supplementation (which water is in fact the foundation of). Every day we should drink a minimum of eight glasses of water, of course, this is absolutely the lowest level, because in reality it should be much more, but we need enough to moisten the body and let it work. It’s also worrying that the population does not know how much water they should drink, and ignorance can lead to terrible consequences that will manifest themselves in deficiencies, diseases, cancers, handicaps, injuries, and cramps, terrible condition of the skin, hair and nails, and stopping the work of internal organs, processes and changes. 70% of respondents think that an adult should consume less than seven glasses a day, and that does not exceed even 1.5 litres of liquid. In turn, every third inhabitant of the Earth claims to drink water regularly, but in no way translates into reality (only 6% consume the right amount of water each day, while the majority does not often exceed three or four glasses a day, which gives slightly more than a litre or less). It’s frightening, however, that as many as 11% of the world's population state that they do not drink water at all. Dehydration is a problem with the skin (aging, wrinkles, pimples, keratosis, etc.), cessation of processes, changes, impairment of the body's work, it can also lead us to extreme dehydration and death.

What effects does regular water drinking give?

  Drinking water, first of all, we oxygenate and regulate the temperature in the body, provide it with nutrients (supplement) to all internal organs, improve the production of red blood cells, reduce cholesterol, suppress appetite, stimulate digestive and metabolic processes, wash away toxins and cleanse from the inside. What's more - thanks to drinking water - we improve the functioning of the kidneys, intestines, pancreas, liver, brain and heart, thus minimizing the risk of heart attack, colon cancer, and bladder or breast cancer. We are also able to completely reduce back pain, joints, spine and fight fever. In addition, due to water we fight bad breath, improve eyesight, heal chapped lips, swelling, minor wounds or abrasions. Water combats fatigue, adds energy, improves skin tone, gives it hydration and elasticity, minimizes signs of aging, improves the condition of hair and nails, removes dryness. Water also improves the body's efficiency, its speed, perception, logic and reflexes, prevents cramps, sculpts muscles, and improves the condition of the joints, through their proper hydration, which remains a very important advantage. What is important, it perfectly reduces cellulite, which especially affects women and what is extremely important to them, because it’s one of the most common complexes. Similarly with stretch marks, water makes them less visible, less developed in their structure and the skin is less susceptible to their formation.


What is the risk of contaminated water?

In the 21st century, the theme of a healthy lifestyle and all the regularities that are associated with it has become even more timely and desirable.

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Clean water as the most important dietary supplement

Each of us dreams of a beautiful, perfectly sculpted and nourished body, with a slender figure, good health for many years, and a great condition - we want to fulfil our dreams through self-realization and striving for spectacular results.

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improving the state of water

A project / idea aimed at improving the state of water in the world

Water creates our body - it’s an equivalent to all environmental factors, a natural protector, humidifier, and regenerator.

Water as the third pillar of health

When someone asks us a question, what is the most important for us in life, what we most want - most often we answer health, because it cannot be bought with any money, cannot be obtained through rewards and services, you cannot receive it, and you can only work on it yourself and responsibly through your own control of the body

How does the agricultural sector pollute water?

There is no doubt that people should have full right of access to clean water and this is their inalienable, basic right.

The phenomenon of dehydration – what drinking water gives you?

Do you know that only every fifth inhabitant of the Earth is aware of what the recommended amount of consumed water is daily?

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