A project / idea aimed at improving the state of water in the world

Water creates our body - it’s an equivalent to all environmental factors, a natural protector, humidifier, and regenerator. Simply put - we ourselves cannot imagine life without it, because survival associated with any functioning in a world devoid of water is impossible. Currently, the state of water pollution in the world reaches dangerously high levels and is still growing, and therefore we bear a lot of consequences that affect all nature, animals, the environment, and ourselves. First of all - remember that we use water almost to all activities performed by us every day, such as: using the bathroom, washing dishes, bathing, washing hands, cooking, drinking and so on, we could do this forever. We expect then that we are safe, that we are not in danger of any viruses, bacteria, microorganisms, fungi or other pathogenic and deadly factors - and yet.

Consequences of water pollution

  As a result of water pollution, we prevent ourselves from leading a normal, peaceful and comfortable life. We are condemning ourselves to a constant fight with our own immune system, which unfortunately very often succumbs to the pressure of such accumulated amount of harmful substances. Contaminated water can be the cause of many skin diseases, cancer, and disorders of internal organs, pimples, skin haemorrhage, its consequence is, for example, the arrest or dysregulation of any processes and changes taking place in the body, fragility of the bones, very weak muscle and joints, inappropriate condition of hair and nails, as well as lack of a natural immune shield. However, this is not all - water and terrestrial animals also suffer from contaminated water, especially in the case of the former, we observe massive plague or meat-borne infectious diseases that threaten human health, causing various ecological problems as well as financial losses for fishermen, and thus goes, for national economies. Land animals consuming water from contaminated reservoirs also get sick, infected or die on a mass scale, and we usually cannot cope with this phenomenon, and yet we are in the greatest danger.

How to improve the state of water in the world? Let us be aware and responsible.

  A project aimed at making people aware of the fact that in order to ensure safety, comfort, good health and long life for themselves and their relatives - they must individually do everything to prevent water pollution. It's time to start with the basics. If each of us follows the same pattern - responsibly, the world is sufficiently populated to really improve its current situation. It should start with the fact that near beaches, bathing areas, water reservoirs, lakes - there should be litter bins and they should be arranged so that everyone has free access to them. The same applies to public toilets - they should be visible, because as we know, people have a very big problem and an equally large number of excuses making water a trash can and a toilet at the same time. In addition, more and more often we talk about the countless number of enterprises that, in order to save financial resources in a direct and non-currant way, produced wastewater, waste and faeces, pour directly into waters - stop such practices! We cannot allow this type of activity to continue - that is why it’s necessary to use monitoring and to account for individual entrepreneurs on how they utilize their waste - based on relevant documents. What's more, people are worth educating and making people aware. The more of us will understand that by allowing mass contamination of water or directly taking part in this type of immoral action, we ourselves annihilate ourselves, lead us to doom, to diseases, pain, suffering, to death.

Advertising campaigns, spots, mediation meetings, discussion forums, mutual civic sensitivity and readiness to act, when we notice that someone commits such a prohibited act – it’s very important and must be implemented as soon as possible, for the common good of humanity.


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improving the state of water

A project / idea aimed at improving the state of water in the world

Water creates our body - it’s an equivalent to all environmental factors, a natural protector, humidifier, and regenerator.

Water as the third pillar of health

When someone asks us a question, what is the most important for us in life, what we most want - most often we answer health, because it cannot be bought with any money, cannot be obtained through rewards and services, you cannot receive it, and you can only work on it yourself and responsibly through your own control of the body

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